Monday, February 27, 2006

The Pink Links

The Pink Links on the right side of this page are intended to enhance your reading of "The Whole New Mind".

Pink Blog - Dan Pink has his own blog and he periodically posts interesting support for his assertions in his book. He has also highlighted the work that we are doing in Puyallup twice in his blog. Read through and see if you can find his mention of us.

Pink Webcast - Dan Pink did a 68 minute audio presention with Dan's powerpoint. Brian and I watched this one together and it was well worth it. Here Dan talks about:
  • What careers and professions will be most needed in the conceptual age
  • What the future holds for a more liberal education
  • Which of the six key abilities for the conceptual age are most important for young people to learn
  • What can schools do to teach the six key abilities in the age of No Child Left Behind
  • Whether colleges are sensitive to the ‘right brain’ skills required for the conceptual age
Pink Interview - NPR On Point radio show "The Dawning Age of the Right Brain" is Dan Pink's interview with Tom Ashbrook. Well worth your time to grasp a deeper knowledge of Dan's intent of the book.

Pink Mind Map - Great interactive Java visual outline of the core messages in the book. Click on the buttons to explore unopened content. Also check this recent mind map with a bit more detail.

Pink Links - At the end of each chapter Dan has included a Portfolio to highlight ways to improve the 6 right brain skills mentioned in the book. He includes weblinks to many of these resources. With these links you won't need to type a single URL, just click the button and you'll see the links that Dan suggests.

Welcome Dan! Watch this blog for comments from Dan Pink himself. He has agreed to make an online appearance when possible. Ask him a question, ask for clarity, get involved in the conversation.

Here's the email he sent in response to my request for him to join us:
Hey Glenn,

Thanks for the note. Thanks, too, for recommending the book to your director of student learning. He's obviously a wise man to heed your sage advice!

On the blog, I'm pretty bombed with deadlines and travel for the next six weeks. But, sure, I can try to check in. Alas, I'm on an airplane now -- so I can't look at the site. But would you mind pinging me when the books have been distributed and the e-conversation is underway? I'll try to check in then. Sounds fun.

Many thanks again for helping spread the word.



Blogger Nancy Nole said...

Hey everyone--I just noticed on one of the links that Daniel Pink will be interviewed on NPR (that's KPLU--88.5FM for us) on MARCH 28TH FROM 5:00 to 6:00. I'm going to listen to it and I would be interested to read comments about the interview.

1:23 PM


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