Monday, March 13, 2006

High Concept, High Touch

A Whole New Age
Agricultural (Farmers) to Industrial (Factory Workers) to Information (Knowledge Workers)to

Conceptual (Creators & Empathizers)

To survive in the Conceptual Age you need to answer these
1) Can someone overseas do it cheaper?
2) Can a computer do it faster?
3) Is what I'm offereing in demand in a age of abundance?

The key charateristics needed as we move from the Information Age to the Conceptual Age are:
Patterns & Relationships
Story Telling

Human Interaction

MFAs are replacing MBAs

IQ impacts only the professions open to you
Within a profession IQ has only 4 - 10% impact
EQ accounts for the rest.

Meaning is the new money

Pick one topic from Chapter 3 outlined above and give an example of how you have witnessed or experienced this directly.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Chapter Two - Abundance, Asia, and Automation

L-Directed thinking is no longer enough? R-Directed thinking will determine who gets ahead? Is this just wishful thinking, or did Pink offer compelling evidence?

From chapter two, "Abundance, Asia, and Automation," Pink offers what I believe is the thesis of his book. He presents a cause and effect on page 30.

"The effect: the diminished relative importance of L-Directed Thinking and corresponding increased importance of R-Directed Thinking. The causes: Abundance, Asia, and Automation."

- What are you thoughts on abundance?
- What conversations have you had with family members or friends, prompted by the facts presented by Pink? (I couldn't believe that Americans spend more on garbage bags than some countries spend on everything!)

- Did the section on Asia remind you of Freidman's book, The World is Flat?
- Does this section scare only "L-Directed white-collar workers," or everyone?
- Should we be frightened by this, or look forward to new challenges? (How many parents of college-age kids have shared these facts with their children - especially those still choosing their major?)

- How is automation affecting you and your work?
- How about the work of a friend or family member?
- What did you think of Pink's storytelling in this section?
- Does his presentation of John Henry, and the story of Garry Kasparov help you relate to the emotion of these
effects? (What are today's "teachers?" With whom, or what, do we educators compete?)

Post a comment (or two or three) and watch for others' comments. Comment on their comments!

I'll echo Glenn's recent posting and encourage you to spend time checking out the links to the right. Take time to read Pink's blog. He's got a lot to offer!